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The Software Lifecycle Solutions Product Development Methodology (SLS/PDM) is a process for product development that starts with a needs assessment and mapping the product to corporate goals and overall company strategy. An assessment at this stage that identifies where the proposed product fits in with other existing and planned products allows for systems integration issues to be identified at the start. Most methodologies start with product definition of one specific new product but do not attempt to address where that product fits in with the company’s strategy or existing systems. Failing to address this issue up front can lead to problematic system integration issues in later product development stages. SLS/PDM starts with tying any new effort into the environment in which it will function to ensure that standards, reusability issues and long-term direction can be addressed up front.

The next important stage of the SLS/PDM is project definition and requirements gathering. Product development projects often fail because of inadequate project definition and a lack of good requirements-gathering techniques and analysis. There are literally thousands of good software engineers who can build applications and pass every quality measure required of them, but if the requirements are not correct, the project will still fail. SLS/PDM addresses this issue by placing emphasis on the early stages of a project through a well-defined and thorough process that nails down the detailed needs of a project at the start.

The SLS/PDM process then addresses the remaining stages of the entire software development effort through the same well-defined process that works through the analysis, design, coding, testing, quality assurance, delivery and post delivery stages of the project.

SLS/PDM places special emphasis on systems architecture and integration issues throughout the entire product development process.


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